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Monday, 9 October 2017

Batband- Delivery acoustics has just gotten better through Bone conduction


The launching of batband has been a major breakthrough in sound technology, it is a piece of sound device that simply allows the user to listen to his or her own soundscape, especially every sound emanating from their immediate environment. The secret behind this piece of accessory is that human science has been adapted into sound technology to create a much more effective acoustic delivery.

The features, importance and other benefits of the batband

One of the main features of this accessory is that it comes with a bone conduction power that works with some transducers that are capable of emitting sound waves that can be perceived by the inner ear and the inner ear transfers the emission to the outer ear that eventually translate the meaning. The outer ear which seems to be the social ear is the final translation ear that interprets the sounds you are hearing. 

Sound waves are normally transmitted at frequencies that are capable of being conducted through the bones located in the skull, for this reason your ears will remain free and you will be able to hear twice as much as you can hear, with this device without losing your comfort , and style. The quality of sound transmitted through this device is amazing. The device is quite long and can perfectly snuggle to the back of your head without falling, thus you can take it everywhere you go without the fear of the gadget falling off the back of your head. You can also control how the device works or simply remove it from the back of your head when not need.

For more information on the features, benefits, and importance of the batband, as well as how to get one for yourself, you can simply click on the following link;

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The saddle baby carrier will strengthen your bond with your kids

saddle baby shoulder carrier
Exploring different places has never much more comfortable than now, especially with the use of the saddle baby carrier- a device that helps you saddle your baby over your shoulder while you walk around places. With this device, your toddlers will enjoy a pleasurable ride while sitting on your shoulders. The saddle carrier can be used in the park, zoos, even around the neighbourhood, and it does not add any extra pressure on your back or shoulders. 

What makes the saddle baby carrier helpful?

The saddle comes with strong and durable Velcro straps that secure your baby to your back and shoulder safely, make them to be balanced without creating any further pressure with their weight. With the straps, you can also walk around hands-free without the need to hold unto the ankles of your kids. 

There are several reasons you should consider in order to do away with the conventional or traditional child carriers. First of all, such carriers are not designed to be used for a long time, and when you use them for long periods, they can trigger back and shoulder pain, plus you have to hold onto your kids’ ankles all the time. The saddle carrier is designed in such a way that putting your kids on your shoulders become easy and you wouldn’t feel any pressure on you, while your kids wouldn’t even feel any form of discomfort. 

The saddle or seat comes in orange colour, it gives your child a much better view while giving your shoulders a break from stress hence the saddle is designed to give you and your child the best opportunity to enjoy those wonderful moments together. It is your best companion even on busy streets. For more information on the saddle baby carrier, simply click on the link.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Latest Emoji pillows

In an attempt to perfectly light up any room, office or even a classroom, pillows have now started being designed similarly to the smileys used in the phone emoji keys that we use to make communication appear sweeter than it is, emoji pillows being the latest is a combination of many similes that come in various designs including

 1. Emoji pillow laughing tears-it shows a smile compost of a person who is laughing into tears
 2. Emoji heart eyes which is a simile appearing like a head with red eyes that are heart shaped. Its  yellow coloured and lights up the room, office or a classroom. it’s ideal as a pillow support or as a mere decorator of a room
3. Emoji pillows ilky wink.
4. Emoji face sovering
5. Set of two emoji pillows
6. Emoji large pillow
7. Barry owen small poop emoji pillow
8. Set of three emoji pillows
9. Emoji pillow yellow round cushion

The pillows vary in the appearance as the phone smileys in our mobile phones. However all the emoji pillows are designed with cheese, smiley, eye, laugh, to tears smirking throwing, kiss, tongue, devil, poop smile, sunglass. The cushion is thick.

The cushions are made up of variety of materials including cotton, poly-propene, including many others.

The modern cushions with emoji are now being used extensively and seem to replace the traditional cushions.


According to the size of the pillows they are classified into the

      1. Emoji large pillow solcesovering
      2. Emoji large pillow blushed face
      3. Emoji small pillow sunglasses
      4. Emoji small pillow joy
      5. Emoji large pillow rainbow poop
      6. Emoji large eye roll centicular
      7. Emoji small smilling face
      8. Emoji large smilling face
      9.  Emoji large decorative plush throw large pillow
      10. Emoji small pillow rainbow poop

For more information about Emoji pillows, click this link.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Bicycle Helmet Taking Over the World

Technology is growing and so is creativity. Modern technology has resulted to migration from analogue to digital and from manual to electronic with respect to a wide range of activities and dimensions. With all these components combined; growth, creativity and migration, high tech gadgets are invented, and among them is the Lumos helmet gadget. This helmet is definitely a next generation bicycle helmet as it has incredible features, just unbelievable. 

This mind-blowing invention is a work of art, a mastering of high technology and a genius mind behind it, combined. This combination resulted in the real deal; a masterpiece of high tech-art. Some of the features designed to distinguish this masterpiece include the following;

  • Integrated lights
  • Turn signal lights
  • Automatic brake lights
  • Water resistance
  • Rechargeable battery

The automatic brake light is located at the back of the helmet and is triangle-like in shape to indicate stopping (Δ). The turn signals, on the other hand, are located on either side of the helmet such that when turning left, the light signal on the left side will start to flash to indicate a turn in that direction (<). Same applies for the right signal and turn respectively (>). The front light is mainly used for visibility and is aligned along the edge.

The brake light when flashed emits a 16 super bright LED while the turn signals at the side emit a 15 super bright LED each when flashed. The front light uses a 14 super bright LED. These lights are controlled by a small wireless remote control which has a 6-months battery life. The battery used to run this remote is a coin cell, which is replaceable. This helmet also has a 3 axis accelerometer just above the brake lights indicators and a battery under it. 

The Lumos helmet gadget is a kick-starter project with the highest success rate so far, and due to its efficiency in increasing visibility and communication between motorists while in traffic, it is taking over the world by storm.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Modern age gentleman

A true gentleman does not just leave the house wearing a suit with flip flops; he has to complete his look with a neatly knotted tie, outstandingly well polished shoes and a fancy watch. These and many other gadgets for men bring out the elegance to make them stand out. 

Let’s look at top accessories for men to accessorise the modern gentleman.

·         GoT Lannister Quote T-Shirt
This is perfect for you game of thrones fan as they contain a wide range of your favourite quotes from the video. They are very comfortable for whichever reason like partying, hiking, all year round and for those who hate too much glamour.

·         Glyder
It’s not possible to be always perfect while shaving. At one time you are bound to cut yourself and you don’t want to be walking on the street or show up for a date with a bleeding chin or cheek; this where Glyder comes in. The perfect Styptic Balm helps to stop the bleeding fast using its wound sealing antihemorrhagic agent which promotes platelet plugging thus healing and sealing cuts as fast as possible. This top accessory for men is a must-have for all men.

·         Vollebak Baker Miller Pink Relaxation Hoodie
The colour pink used is to enhance psychological relaxation and muscular tranquilization according to scientific research. The hoodie zips up over the face to completely shut off from the outside world to help keep calm and collected especially when under stress. 

·         Wurkin Stiff Dopp Bag
 Generally, most men are not good at packing the small stuff .This cool gadget for men is a real packing booster for you to stash your entire grooming kit, accessories and every tool you need to carry along. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about spills and leakages as this silicone bag is resistant both inside and outside hence a double up.

·         Minimalist Men’s watch
An all time sophisticated gadget for men with an old school touch. For more information, click this link.